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 If you're considering Affiliation.. check this thread!

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If you're considering Affiliation.. check this thread! Empty
PostSubject: If you're considering Affiliation.. check this thread!   If you're considering Affiliation.. check this thread! EmptyThu Nov 06, 2008 6:45 pm

So if you're from another board and/or site that is considering affiliation with us, GR then I recommend following below.

If I requested to affiliate with you or you found this forum randomly and are considering affiliation I recommend following this format & then sending it to me in a PM.

Type of Forum:(What type of forum is your forum? I only prefer to accept gaming or gaming-related forums at the moment.)
Language of your Forum:(I only really prefer to accept English at the moment.)
Forum Title:(Whatever your forum is called. Example:Gamer's Refuge is this board's name.)
Forum Address:(The link to your forum whether it be to the portal or the actual site/forum)
Forum Description:(Tell us a bit about what your forum actually has on it & whatnot.)

Upon acceptance when written in the format above^^ I will stick you in the "Affiliate of Gamer's Refuge" group & you can stop by the Affiliates board and post what you posted to me in a PM. Thanks!

Also we recommend you to provide us a button gfx of 124x37 for us to post on the main portal page. You could provide the coding or just the image, it's your choice really. Just post that along with everything else required in the Affiliate board Smile

The gfx button that we will be using is going to be posted below for your use in your portal page if you choose to affiliate with us Very Happy. I would also prefer if you don't already to make an "Affiliates" board so that I can stop by and tell a bit about Gamer's Refuge.

GFX button done by Notoriousdoctorb, one of our members here at GR.

BBCODE Gfx Button:

If you're considering Affiliation.. check this thread! 34euki8



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If you're considering Affiliation.. check this thread!
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