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 Saints Row 2

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PostSubject: Saints Row 2   Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:40 am

Saints Row 2

This game may remind you of GTA San Andreas because of the free roam style, the many forms of transportation (Car, Truck, Train, Boat, Helicopter, Plane, Motercycle), and the fact that it is mostly based on bringing your forgotten gang to the top again from nothing. But with all of these similarities there are more differances. For instance the driving is like no other game with cars etc. in it. The driving feels very fast and almost out of control becuase every car has amazing turning and generally very fast acceleration. The most impressive part f this game is definitely the customization. You can customize everything (literally) from you, vehicles, your houses, your gang, your styles for everything, and the customization is very deep and thorough so you never run out of stuff. Not to mention all of the secret stuff you gain by completing missions, activites and upgrading your overall style. The game is based aroung gangs and your rise to the top. So your just going along killing gang members, junkies or cops and looking good while your doing it. there are many different places where you can purchase items for your collection too. you can go to clothing stores, gun stores, car stores, boat stores, drug and alcohol stores, jewelery stores, strip clubs, casinos, basically anything you can think of is here. One cool new feature that was added was the ability to purchase/own your own businesses to further increase your wealth. With the game done I can finish the review. There are 3 main quests (gangs) to be beaten or controlled and they each have their own style and types of missions. The more I played it the more it became even more gruesome and graphic. They definitly turned up the content from Saints Row 1. The one thing that could change the entire way you play the game is the difficulty setting because it gets really hard on hard and its almost too easy on casual so depending on what you choose the game will be very different. The overall worst thing about this game is the achievements. They aren't much but you would want better achievements than what they have because it takes so long to complete the whole game and that is basically the achievements, beat the whole game.

Rating: 7.5 / 10
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Saints Row 2
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