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 I have added a new section to GR which will have 'niche Game Series boards, also. I'm back in a bit to do some re-promoting.

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PostSubject: I have added a new section to GR which will have 'niche Game Series boards, also. I'm back in a bit to do some re-promoting.   Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:38 pm

Now where you can find these boards are under the "Genre-Specific Game Series Discussion" board under individual "Genre-Specific" categories. I shall run quite a few but anyone interested in running an individual Game Series board feel free to let me know and if you have any suggestions for additional types of game series boards let me know as well. There is a thread provided in each section for you to respond to for you to suggest a new board and choose to run it or not.

I shall also be re-promoting Gamers Refuge in some new ways so wish me the best of luck. Any other additional ways to promote Gamers Refuge would be great. Any and all are accepted. I'm deciding upon having a referral contest but i'm unsure yet and i'm not sure if there are any sort of referral system coding I can add to this forum or not so i'll get back to you guys on that.

Thanks for those still coming around every now and then to check how things are doing. If you forget your password feel free to send me an email and I can reset it for you.

Oh, P.S. The reason i'm keeping the Console Gaming Discussion board is for the not so popular games that probably won't really need a board to discuss about as there might just simply be.. not much to them. The main idea behind this is to measure the popularity of a certain Game Series. If it gets a thread every once in a long time it's probably not worth it to make a Game Series Forum to go dig in deep within that particular game series, butt! If it gets countless amount of threads that lead me to believe that people want to discuss much further, that's where that "Genre-Specific Game Series Discussion" board comes in.


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I have added a new section to GR which will have 'niche Game Series boards, also. I'm back in a bit to do some re-promoting.
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