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 Star Ocean: The Last Hope

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PostSubject: Star Ocean: The Last Hope   Star Ocean: The Last Hope EmptyWed Mar 04, 2009 11:17 am

I have heard many good reviews regarding this game and I am planning on picking it up tonight after i get off work. I will write up a review once i get through the game Very Happy

So far i have played about 10 hours worth of the game and i'm only on the third planet, but i have been trying to grab every piece of treasure and do all the side quests, and i'm only lvl 20-22 with all that time spent -_-

Overall it's a pretty solid JRPG, i really enjoy the combat system, i haven't really played any of the previous star ocean games but it's far from what you would expect from an rpg. Other than opening the combat menu to select spells/items/etc there is no turnbased action involve, it's all realtime on a battlefield where you have free movement. The characters are very well developed..though i have only unlocked 2 other party members, and the newest is rather odd...

uhh..for now that's all..kinda have writers block atm

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PostSubject: Re: Star Ocean: The Last Hope   Star Ocean: The Last Hope EmptyFri Mar 06, 2009 5:30 am

Aha, sounds like a plan. I was curious to know if it was any good. All the other ones were so I imagine this one is as well, lol. =P

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope
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