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 Review a Game for a bit of Money, Sites to help you do just that! =)

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Review a Game for a bit of Money, Sites to help you do just that! =) Empty
PostSubject: Review a Game for a bit of Money, Sites to help you do just that! =)   Review a Game for a bit of Money, Sites to help you do just that! =) EmptyWed Nov 19, 2008 7:46 pm

As to kick-start the review a game boards here on Gamer's Refuge, in this thread I will be providing you guys with means in order to indulge into your gaming addiction and buy yourself a game or two, and possibly if you do it enough, be able to afford subscriptions to stuff like WoW(If you play that.) on a monthly basis. As in, i'll be providing you with means to earn money online to actually use to purchase various gaming stuff.. or well, whatever you want.

The sites below are paid to review sites. What you do basically is you review a given product. Whether it be a game/your shoes/a console/whatever else you can think of. You can review just about anything on these sites. The more effort you put into it the better chance you have of earning more off of it. If you write enough reviews & don't feel like supplementing your gaming addiction through means of an actual job or are too young to get a job and are old enough to participate in the programs below, it makes for a great money-maker/saver & time-saver. If you're interested in the given program, just click the Title of the site at the beginning of each paragraph below to bring you directly to the site to start posting up some reviews.

Review Stream:This site at the moment gives you a solid $2 per high-quality review and for the OK reviews they give a bulk rate of $0.40. People can vote for your review & for each vote up you get another $0.10. People can only vote once on your stuff, and you cant vote for yourself. Nothing too special about it, that's basically all there is to it. Post a review & hope to get votes for it.

SharedReviews:Technichally this site is more profitable but fluxiuates. As in, no solid pay like Reviewstream. You could make... $2.... $5...$20+ for a review, or you could even make as little as less then a $1. However, the earnings potential is far greater depending on the quality of the review & the traffic it brings to it. Their pay scale basically is 50% of whatever is earned off the advertisements n' such goes to the people running the site, the other 50% goes to the community. Of the community it's split into two groups. Voters(Yes, you get a portion just for voting.), & the particular reviewer. It also has residual income, month after month(depending on traffic is coming in to the given review or not.)

Ciao:This site is more about product reviews then actual game reviews n' whatnot, but if you like reviewing products you can always give it a try. I'm not sure of this site's pay-scale, I didn't look much into it as it's not a program i'm going to be participating in at the moment. From what i've read though they pay about $0.25 per review submitted & it's almost an always guarantee unlike Reviewstreams bulk or regular rate. It also has a fast approval rate which means you wont have to wait as long for your money, =o!

Comparedby:This site is quite similar to Reviewstream... but the earnings are a bit different and there is no $0.10 votes to be obtained. There are three different ways to earn at the moment. Quick Reviews, Extended reviews, and extended reviews for a product that hasn't been reviewed yet. Quick Reviews generally are super tiny reviews if you don't have much to say on the product that're generally awarded I believe it was, $0.25. Extended reviews are $1.00 which is generally at least 1000 characters and a quality review & the last one mentioned is generally $2.00 and at least 1000 characters. They pay out every 20th if you hit their minimum payout of $20.00 I believe it was.

Keep in mind that I believe all these sites have a certain age limit and if you aren't of age you won't be able to participate in the sites above. If you're 18 or older you should have no problems, though. Anyone under 18 will probably have to check and read up on the given site to see if they can actually participate in it.

Feel free to post your review link for whatever the game in the game review section of this board or the techy board if it's technology-related(that includes consoles.) & soon there will be a section of Entertainment(TV/Movies/Music/Etc.) where you could post any kind of reviews of that sort. Just give a little description of the game/whatever you're reviewing & why you decided to review it & what aspects of the game/whatever you reviewed just to help to make sure the people visiting the thread & then the review actually know what they will be getting into when reviewing. Of course, you don't have to do this. You could just do it the ol' fashion way and just post up a review, it's really all up to you. This is the style i'll be doing probably most of my reviews in but as stated, it's not required here on Gamer's Refuge & I know some of you are too young to participate in it in the first place.

If you don't feel like earning some money for your reviews just disregard this & you don't have to follow the format in the review below, obviously. Just do it your own way! =o

If you have any questions, just feel free to PM me! Razz

Below is a thread that links to my first review on GR to get an idea of the format if you decide to use any of the sites above!

First Review!

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Review a Game for a bit of Money, Sites to help you do just that! =)
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